Data protection agreement

Why should I sign the agreement?
According to the law for protection of personal data, you and your husband/wife/partner and children over 18 years old living at home, should agree to Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker to get access to information about your insurance details. The information will be registered at our address in Centro Idea, Ctra. de Mijas km. 3.6, 29650 Mijas.
The insurance companies with whom we have issued your insurances will also register your personal data.

What happens if I don’t want to sign the agreement?
If we don’t receive your agreement, Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker can not carry out customer administration, such as establish and change insurances, nor will Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker be able to advise you about your insurance matters and commercialise the insurance products.
This means that you will not be able to insure/continue as insured through Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker.

How will the information be used?
The information will be used by Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker for customer information, counselling and marketing.

Will I now “get spammed” with a lot of advertising?
No, all marketing is taking place in connection to Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker.

Who will get access to my personal details?
It is only Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker and the insurance companies who have issued your insurance policies who will get access to your personal details.

Will my personal details be handed out to a third party?
No, your personal details will not be handed out to a third party.

How often do I have to sign the agreement?
You should only sign the agreement once, as the agreement is valid as long as you have insurances through Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker.

Can I retrieve my agreement?
Yes, at any time you can retrieve your agreement, although this will mean that you can no longer continue as a client through Kaas & Kirkemann Insurance Broker.

Click to download a data protection agreement.